Auntie Ballyhoo’s Freeloading Freakshow & Punk Rock Circus was first conceived by Dan after performing as a one man sideshow act for a touring DIY variety show called the “Pure Fun Tour”. The Pure Fun Tour took place in the winter of 2011, the winter of 2012, and the summer of 2012 and travelled across the country twice. When the show was finally put on hiatus, Dan continued performing at various local shows until he decided to expand the act. In 2013 Dan met Adam.

Adam got his start in clowning. He was accepted to and graduated from Ringling Bros. Clown College and toured with the Ringling Bros. circus until he was put out of commission with stomach problems due to being a fire eater. After Ringling, he became an active member in the Hills Mills Clown Band where he is currently a drummer and a master juggler. When Dan and Adam began working together they quickly decided that building a DIY circus would be the best use of their combined talents.

After performing a number of shows together in a variety of environments Dan and Adam decided they would like to expand the show to be a bit larger. So in 2015 they brought in Chris who is a talented musician and has joined on to provide music, lend a hand with setting up and breaking down the show, and he is currently learning to juggle.